Summer 2010    
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Photograph of Kathi Leonhardt

Kathi Leonhardt

Donna Post
Board Member, Annual Ribbons Chair


Carol Cassidy
Vice President, Conformation Chair, Supported Entry/Supported Entry Trophy Chair, Sunshine Co-Chair

Jinny Cortney
Board Member, Incorporation/Insurance Chair

Photograph of jeff Speicher
Jeff Speicher
Recording Secretary, Ways & Means Co-Chair

Pam Hind
Board Member, Perpetual Awards Co-Chair


Cheryl Mellon
Membership Secretary

Rob Bitler
Board Member


Jim Bateman
Treasurer, Newsletter Editor

Carole Beth Davis
Agility Co-Chair


Annie Williams
Agility Co-Chair

          PJ Lacette
Education Chair
          Alison Schultz
Field Chair
          Claire Koshar
Obedience Co-Chair, WC/WCX Co-Chair
          Elizabeth Mound
Obedience Co-Chair, Perpetual Awards Co-Chair, WC/WCX Co-Chair
          Tiffany Hogan
Rescue Co-Chair
          Elizabeth Masters
Rescue Co-Chair
          Marge Cassidy
Sunshine Co-Chair
          Leasa Gowett
Ways & Means Co-Chair
          Larry Mound