Summer 2010    
  Club Reports  
Agility Report

Carole Beth Davis and Annie Williams, Agility Co-chairs

The Agility Report will appear in the Spring and Fall Newsletter editions.

Conformation Report

Carol Cassidy, Conformation Chair

No report submitted.

Field Report

Alison Schults, Field Chair

No report submitted.

Obedience Report

Claire Koshar and Elizabeth Mound, Obedience Co-Chairs

The Obedience Report will appear in the Spring and Fall Newsletter editions.

Webmaster Report

Larry Mound, Webmaster

No report submitted.

Newsletter Report

Jim Bateman, Newsletter Editor

No report submitted.

Ways & Means Report

Leasa Gowett and Jeff Speicher, Ways & Means Co-Chairs

No report submitted.

Sunshine Report

Marge and Carol Cassidy, Sunshine Co-Chairs

No report submitted.

Treasurer Report

Leasa Gowett, Treasurer

No report submitted.

Rescue Report

Tiffany Hogan and Elizabeth Masters, Rescue Co-Chairs

Hello fellow Southern Skies Members,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Elizabeth Masters and I am the new Rescue Co-Chair and I am looking forward to working closely with Tiffany Hogan. Although I do not have a FCR myself (yet, as our President likes to say) I have been involved in Labrador Retriever Rescue for several years and I am Assistant Co-ordinator for my District here in Orlando for Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida, Inc. I hope I can bring my experience working with Labrador Rescue to the table to help with FCR rescue.

I can be reached via e-mail at or 407-402-9708.

Elizabeth Masters
Rescue Co-Chair