Southern Skies Flat-Coated Retriever Club
Rescue Updates

 A picture is worth a thousand words & this sofa looks "just right!" "Maggie" (formerly known as Cece) was rescued from a Tampa, Florida shelter in April. She now has a happy new home with Susan in beautiful New Hampshire. Susan recently lost her Flat Coat of many years & had a place in her heart ready for Maggie. Susan says that Maggie is very affectionate, loves to snuggle & has a "propeller tail" when she is happy.

"Darktarn Duke O Currtuck"

 "Duke" was owned by a lady in Florida for 4 years. He had more energy & "quirks" than she could enjoy living with. After several months, we found just the right home for Duke. He has moved to North Carolina & lives with Toni. Toni has lots of time & patience to give Duke. Her employer allows dogs in the office, so he often accompanies her to work. He is a beautiful boy & we know he is in a home where he will get all the love and attention he needs now.


 Shader was adopted in January 2003 and is living like a King in the Florida Keys. He goes swimming every day and boating every few days. He likes to go the library & video store with his new mom, Marian. Marian said she is so happy to be a dog mom again & Shader is the center of her life. She told me that the first night in his new home, no one could sleep because his tail was thumping all night long...he was so happy he just couldn't stop wagging!

Shader was found as a stray in May in the Orlando area. He came into rescue with many problems, the major one which was severe hip dysplaysia. Many thanks to Mary Smith DVM., and SSFCRC member for her surgical skills that allow Shader to be "King of the Keys".

Meet Emma
 FCR Rescue pulled Emma from a Central Florida kill shelter in February. She was very sick with kennel cough & an upper respiratory infection. She has been nursed back to amazing health by her new family & is the apple of their eye. She loves Becky & Jim and the family cat, Katie. She follows them around the house & is always ready for a game of fetch in the yard. Thanks to many helpful rescue volunteers, this lovely, beautiful girl has a fantastic new life.

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