Southern Skies Flat-Coated Retriever Club

 President: Pam Hind
 Vice-President: Patty Wagner
 Secretary: Alison Schultz
 Treasurer: Leasa Gowett
 Membership Secretary: Carol Cassidy
 Board: Claire Koshar
 Board: Liz Mound
 Board: Andy Tatum
Board: Donna Chocianowski

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Committee Chairs

 Liason with National Club  Joan Dever
 WC/WCX  Susan Schultz
 Rescue  Donna Chocianowski
 Website  John Pfohler
 Obedience  Joyce Frazer
 Education  PJ Lacette
Supported Entry  Jeanette Phillips
Ways and Means  Liz Mound
Field Chair Claire Koshar
Event Coordinator  Cynthia McCollum

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