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Original articles from our members
 Allison Schultz: Field Training Tips What to bring and much more
Cynthia McCollum: Introducing The New Baby How to introduce your new baby to your canine "pack"
Cynthia McCollum: To Forgive Is Canine
PJ Lacette: Obedience tricks For Your New Dog Show off your new dog with simple to learn commands
Cynthia McCollum:
Overcoming Toenail Terror
Title says it all!
Allison Schultz: Hunt Test 101
NEW Claire Koshar: The Basics of Flat-Coat Grooming

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Flat-Coated Retriever Clubs
Go to our National Club ( ) and click on "Local Clubs"

Show Information  Health and Veterinary 

American Kennel Club
United Kennel Club
Canine Eye Registration Foundation
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Merck Veterinary Manual
Canine Diversity Project

  Obedience Training and Behavior

Best Paw Forward Positive and clicker obedience training. Lots of links and articles. *Member Page*
North American Flyball Association Check out this sport if you haven't. Whew!!!!
Three J Dog Training School Training Central Florida dogs since 1966. *Member Page*
Suzanne Clothier Articles From the lady who wrote "Bones Would Rain From The Sky"
Front and Finish One of the finer obedience and agility mags out there.
IPOC Imperial Polk Obedience Club, these guys have it happening...AKC, UKC....
Cynthia McCollum, Canine Behavioral Consultant,Inc. "Problem solving" since 1987 *Member Page*

Field and Hunt Training

Central Florida Hunting Ret Club Local UKC Club, lots of good training articles for hunt test training.
Treasure Coast Retriever Club South East Fla AKC & UKC Club
Wildrose Kennels Field training.You can get a newsletter subscription and more here.
Northeast Florida Hunting Retriever Club 
Tallahassee Hunting Retriever Club
Retrievers Online
Dobbs Training Libraries
Total Retriever .Com

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