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Flat-coats - The Peter Pan of Dogs

Eukanuba Meet the Breed Booth Update
Thanks to Patty Wagner for the story and pictures.
In true Flat-coat spirit of never wanting to grow up, being gentle and kind yet still mischievous, the Meet the Breed Booth with it's Peter Pan theme was a huge success at the Eukanuba Invitational in Tampa.  Sponsored by the Southern Skies Flat-coated Retriever Club, a tremendous THANKS goes out to Lisa and Andy Tatem (Panama City, FL) for their long hours and hard work in creating a booth that truly depicted the essence of our Flat- coats.  Lisa painted three awesome backdrops which were picture perfect in displaying the personality of our beloved breed.  A quote from well known author and FCR owner, Nancy Laughton,
    "He has a subtle and indefinable charm.  He is an extrovert and an optimist and the greatest of tailwaggers, so pleased is he with life.  His temperament is impeccable.   He makes the most intelligent and kindly companion, by giving generously of himself and the human race.  He is always ready for fun, even in advanced years, a canine PETER PAN."  

was displayed along side a London scene of FCR "Peter Pan" flying around with Wendy, John and Michael.  The third panel depicted FCRs working in various activities - field, search and rescue, obedience and conformation.  This gave the public a true feeling of the Flat-coats personality, character and versatility.  Our booth was a big hit amongst an extremely crowded convention center both Saturday and Sunday.  Thanks goes out to all our canine ambassadors and their human counterparts who volunteered, including the Tatem gang (Lisa, Andy, Heather, Holly and Katherine), Lois Cummings, Claire Koshar, Joan Dever, Patty McClain, Leasa Gowett, Donna Post, Cynthia McCollum, Carol Cassidy and her mother Marge, Kurt Anderson and Patty and Alexandra Wagner


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Southern Skies Flat-Coated Retriever Club

Posted 2/16/16